Sunday, May 1, 2011

April Blog Carnival - Colour

The Starving Artists team monthly blog carnival is here again with the subject being colour in your work.  This is particularly important to me, especially at the moment with my venturing into looming and designing patterns.  I use Miyuiki Delica No 11's - and absolutely love the myriad of colours that are available to you within this range, the various shades and hues in each colour is amazing.

Last night driving home, the sky was ablaze with various shades of blue, purples, pinks - the way they merged together was breathtaking and inspiration for a pattern design such as this.

Colour gives a pieces perspective, it can either make or break a design.  I'm not partial to any particular colour, I love them all - whether bright happy colours or subtle shades, they can all reflect a mood. These patterns are an example of that:

My first piece I created on the loom was full of colour - although predominately an aqua blue, the other shades defined the piece.

So how does colour influence you?  To find out how other members of my team are influenced, check out their blog posts!

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