Friday, February 24, 2012

New Beginnings

For the past few years, many of you have known me as BeadSire ... I've decided its time for a change.  As my style has evolved and the elements of my design has changed - so too will the social aspects.  

Over the past couple of years I have gone from simple beading, to learning about wire work, metal clay and looming.

This year is a year of new beginnings.  It is time to apply those learnings and take it to a new level and new challenges.

I have taken the advice of some of my wiser jewellery friends and will be reverting back to my name ... Caron Michelle - keeping it nice and simple.  

I look forward to sharing this exciting new journey with you - stay tuned for some fun times ahead as I merge various mediums together to create some fabulous new designs.

Thank you for your support so far 


Saturday, February 11, 2012

Inspired by a bead ...

I have a friend who is an amazing lampwork artist  (Bead Up a Storm - Vanessa Hearn) ... she makes the most incredible pieces and I am lucky enough to own some of her work.  I came across one of these pieces the other week and it inspired a new design.

So what do you do with a bead, some leather and a loom ...

... this is what you do, you design a pattern and let your imagination go wild! The pattern has an almost snake skin quality - shimmery and shiny! I used Miyuki Delica's  11/o in all metallics except for the turquoise which is matte.

The width of the looming is 15 beads wide (1 inch)  ... add the leather and voila - a sensational leather cuff for all occasions!

The leather is just under 2 inches wide and bought from a recycling shop, it has a lovely texture and feels wonderful on.  (I really need to find those leather tools!)

So thank you my wonderful friend, I love your work!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Nan's Cuff

Diamonds maybe a girls best friend ...
but pearls are her soul!

I love pearls ... they are my favourite, the beautiful lustre entices every time.

Nanna My passed away over 10 years ago, after she died I was given a bag that contained some odd beads and pearls.  Most were cheap glass ones but some although dirty and unkempt, after a little bit of TLC shone as they should.

So what to do with these pearls, they have sat staring at me on my bead mat for quite a while, and then inspiration came to me to create a cuff as a tribute to her, so Nanna My - where ever you may be ... I hope you like.

Technique:  Erin Simonetti Warp Management
Design:  Caron Reid
Style:  Erin Simonetti Channel Cuff
Cuff Materials:  Nanna My's Pearls, Toho Sead Beads, Tila Beads
Fringe:  4mm and 5mm seed pearls