Monday, August 30, 2010

Blog Carnival - Texture in Metal Clay

According to the dictionary - one of the definitions of texture is
  1. the arrangement of the particles or constituent parts of any material, as wood, metal, etc., as it affects the appearance or feel of the surface; structure, composition, grain, etc.; or
  2. the tactile surface quality of a work of art, resulting from the artist's technique
This is particularly relevant to my work when I create pieces using metal clays.  Each of the clays I have used, Precious Metal Clay (more commonly known as PMC), Bronze Clay and Coppper Clay are all different in how they absorb stampings and textures whilst being sculpted into jewellery.  I found that I have to ensure that the stamp or carving is defined with PMC and will often use LOS to bring define the piece.  However, Bronze and Copper clays are kinder and "love" stampings and textures - they absorb the picture and mould wonderfully to whatever shape you wish to create.

Below is an example of a pendant I created using PMC syringing (like you would piping icing onto a cake) in which I syringed the PMC around a cork moulded into my desired shape to create an uneven texture to complete the formation of this pendant. 

 Back of piece

 Front of Piece

In the picture below is a mixed media pendant using PMC and Copper Clay.  When pressing the stamp on the flower copper circle, it was with minimum pressure - however when texturing the larger silver (PMC) ring, I rolled the texture mat over the piece to ensure that the stamping was visible after firing.  The pendant was completed using a rough textured opal and a lovely ameythst to bring all of the pieces together.

Lastly, I am highlighting some Bronze Clay earrings in which I used different textures for each of the rings.  It was with pure pleasure watching these evolve after firing.  When all of these pieces come out of the kiln, you never know how the end result will turn out until you have finished burnishing and polishing each piece.

Have a look at how some other artists from my team SATeam utilise Texture in their work!


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  1. Great post and very informative! Beautiful examples of textured pieces as well!!!

  2. Caron the work you are doing in PMC is outstanding. Talk about texture! That first pendant is my favorite I think. It sounds like it was a lot of fun to make.

  3. Love the piece done with a syringe. It has such a different and interesting texture. I have often thought about trying to work with metal clays because of what seems like endless texture opportunities.

  4. Wow, amazing what one can do with PMC. Very nice jewelry, beautiful textures.

  5. Your PMC work is awesome- the epitome of texture. I just love it!!


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