Sunday, June 22, 2014

Digital Beading Magazine - Issue 10 - June 2014

The advent of many new beads on the market is almost overwhelming at the moment, in particular the shapes and styles prove a challenge to those who loom designs.  To most, the loomed piece is a two dimensional flat design but for me, I see a blank canvas to create!

When I saw first the O'Beads, Rulla and Diamond Bead - I knew I had to do something on the loom with them.  Their shapes and diversity as a bead offers many options.  I have some more designs in the wings - but for the June Edition of Digital Beading Magazine, I designed two slinky cuffs incorporating all three of these beads.

The first one (white) was slightly wider and and used a slightly different edging - I love the feel of this against the wrist - wide cuffs are fabulous on the wrist.  For those who weren't able to obtain all the beads, I did a variation (turquoise).  They are both fun and easy to do. 

If you create a design using this tutorial, please share with me - I'd love to feature your design on my website!