Sunday, August 28, 2011

August Blog Carnival

This months topic for discussion with the Starving Artists Jewelery team (SATeam) is do you take a computer and/or tools with you when you travel.

This is something I wish I had done recently when I travelled for work - I was in a hotel room with no computer and no projects to work on.  Although it had been a long day travel and meeting wise, as far as the evening it was very young.

So for the future trips I have two objectives - to get a notebook that won't take too much room in my luggage that I can at least log-in to the wi-fi (if it is available) and to prepare a kit for travel.  So what to take in the kit?  I have a smallish loom that I could take it wouldn't take too much room and I could take it as on-board luggage. I will take a simple pattern that I have designed, that way I could loom and edge the piece that evening.

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