Thursday, September 2, 2010

Artist Profile

There are so many talented artists and the wonderful world of technology has allowed us to explore and discover new artists on an almost daily basis!

Fortunately - I don't have to go far to make this discovery as my family has many hidden talents.  My sister Nicolle's creativity transforms a blank canvas into a magical journey.  Each work of art enthralls your imagination and leaves you wanting more - the attention to detail, the colours, the lines - her themes range from the spiritual and enchanting to mesmerising portraits of those whom she captures within her brush strokes.

Below is an example of Nicolles beautiful works.


  1. They're all good, but the 'creationist' bottom one does it for me!

  2. How very cool, two very talented sisters in one family!

  3. I love the colors she uses in her work. I also like the way she can go from fantasy/magical to more realistic and still have the same look-style-not sure what word I want, but I would probably know her work if I saw it again.


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