Thursday, September 30, 2010

SATeam Challenge

Every month the team has a challenge in which we create a piece around a set theme.  For the month of September, the theme was Back to School as in the Northern hemisphere the students school year begins in September.

It was a tricky topic but those who participate created beautiful works.  Here is a link to the forums blog to see all the entries.

As I'm in the Southern Hemisphere, our school year begins in Jan/Feb each year.  I decided to do a twist to the school theme and made my piece around the 1967 movie "To Sir With Love".  This is one of the original movies about a teacher who overcomes many obstacles to assist his students.

Here is my challenge piece.


  1. I love it Caron. Can I have it? Just joking.

    Writing to you from London.

    Cheers, Lin

  2. Hey Lin! Thank you.
    We'll have to see what we can do :)


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