Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tool Time (Tuesday, 21 September 2010)

Start by doing what's necessary
Then do what's possible
Suddenly you will be doing the impossible!

This sums how I feel when I sit at the bench and start to create a piece - I'll start with what's necessary and as it is usually wire work - I'll be using my trusty pliers!  I can't do with out them ... my round nose, bent nose and nylon tipped pliers are my favourite!  I have multiples in all of these. 

Then I do what is possible - this is usually wire wrapping those tiny Swarovski or natural stone beads, or create  a chain using the round nose pliers after wrapping each bead and then connecting it to the chain.  Each pearl in this necklace was hand wrapped and then attached to the chain - this piece consists of nine rows of chain and attached to a cultured pearl clasp.

Suddenly I'm creating the impossible - now my pliers are now used to their full capacity as I'm putting together all the pieces which will complete the design.

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  1. Lovely pieces, Caron!
    I wonder if there are people who give their pliers names ... *grin*


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