Sunday, March 27, 2011

March Blog Carnival - Who inspires you in your work

This months blog carnival subject is who inspires you in your work.  This is an interesting topic for this month as over the years there has been many talented jewellery artists who have inspired me.

When I first started, the first book I bought was "bead on a wire" by Sharilyn Miller, her simple steps to create exquisite pieces led me to my first love of playing with wire, beads and my tools.  Other amazing  artists such as Delia Stone and Perri Jackson inspired me - especially as in my early days, I found they were approachable and willing to help you if you had a question.  You should check out their tutorials if you haven't already done so.

Wishing to expand my horizons, an incredibly talented Holly Gage posted some pictures on our forum of her metal clay creations, I found a studio in my local area and signed up for a class, and was hooked.  At the time it was only Precious Metal Clay (PMC) but then copper and bronze clays became available and our fabulous teacher,  spent many hours studying and playing with these mediums so she could pass her knowledge onto us.

One medium I always vowed I would never do although held great admiration for those who were able to conquer it was seed beads.  The combination of being able to create "something" out of those itty bitty seed beads and using a needle and thread just blew my mind - however, late last year one of the most talented  and gifted artists I have ever met introduced me to "looming".  Erin Simonetti convinced me to try and make a cuff as I was housebound after having major surgery. Through her encouragement and enduring motivation and the ongoing support by those within her beading group, I was able to conquer this "fear" and created my first cuff.

I am now in the process of designing a cuff that will incorporate my three loves - my passion for jewellery has been revitalised and I'm truly grateful to those wonderful inspirational artists who lead by example, not only by their work but their capacity and willingness to share their love of their art with those of the like of me.

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  1. Caron, I am honored to be in such good company. Our journeys take us everywhere if we let them. And the journey is the thing, right? Here's to more creations in the days, months, years to come! Thank you my friend.

  2. Had fun hoping around all the links to other blogs. Holly Gage has some awesome work! I fumble with PMC and I need to dust off my seed bead loom I got one while I was in University ... It's lived all over Canada...!

  3. Caron I am so excited that you have found joy in looming. Erin is such an talented beadweaver. You couldn't ask for a better teacher I am sure.

  4. Your post is the 2nd one mentioning Sharilyn Miller so I had to check her website out and got sidetracked by her post about the jewelry trip out to Italy! Wow. :) Anyway, you certainly have learned from some amazingly talented women, and now you are one of them! I myself have just recently found tutorials from Delia and Perri and look forward to continue learning and honing my finishing touches through their guidance as well. :)

  5. I'm glad to hear that Erin convinced you to try seed beads. I can't wait to see the result of your new project. I have the opposite problem from you..I want to try everything, and it's just not on with the limited amount of time I have available.

  6. Perri, you are welcome - I always remember how kind you were when I first started with wire, it really left an impression on me.

    Thanks Jeanne, that is really sweet, both Perri and Delia are amazing and you'll learn a lot from them.

    Hi Bonnie and Carole, I am so grateful that I am a part of Erin's group - she is certainly the mistress of the loom, her commitment to her craft and generosity of spirit in sharing with everyone who wants to learn is extraordinary.

  7. Caron, I can't wait to see the new path you are on now.
    Wire, PMC, seed beads ... where will it end? :-D


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