Saturday, June 25, 2011

June Blog Carnival - Using Other People's Work in our Designs

This month, the members of the Starving Artists Team are talking about using other artists work incorporated within their own.  This is an easy topic to talk about as I love supporting other members of my team and using components they have made within my designs.

Copper is a metal I have been using a lot of lately, especially with the price of silver - copper is a wonderful alternative - it is warm, fun and adds a beautiful dimension to any piece.  An example of this is the ear wires from BlueDressDesigns.  The glass flower caps were also from Jen.

One thing I adore is lampwork beads - they are hard to resist!  I have a few favs that I have bought over the past couple of years, namely Melissa's Beads in which I incorporated within this necklace

and Bead Up A Storm in which this one is about to be made up into a piece I have created with Precious Metal Clay (PMC)

Speaking of PMC - this piece was created using Beadles lampwork beads for inspiration - the lampies compliment the turquoise stone beautifully.

 Or how about these cool zombie beads that I made up into earrings from Pink Beach Studio

 My latest love is looming - the pattern is the integral part of creating a loomed design, this snow leopard cuff was designed by the talented BeadsBeadingBeaded

So a big thank you to those who are willing to share their art and their skills which add that finishing touch to many a design!

Other members of the team who are participating in this months blog carnival are:

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  1. Thanks for sharing. beautiful pieces. I just love your animal cuff. Wow.

  2. Lovely items and yes, the cuff is extraordinary!

  3. Lovely work! That bead loomed cuff is awesome!

  4. Fabulous examples of using other people's work in your own designs. You've showcased them beautifully.

    Love what you're doing with the looming!

  5. Beautiful work! I agree it's a wonderful thing that people like to and do share their work with others. Great things come of it!

  6. Beautiful collaborative works, Caron...the snow leopard cuff is WOW!

  7. Gorgeous. I enjoy all of your work Caron but the beaded cuffs you are making stand in a class all their own!

  8. Lovely pieces, Caron! I'm really excited to see what you make with the two trees bead too :)

    As for the looming - you're a natural talent! The leopard cuff is amazing!

  9. Thank you everyone. I have to admit that looming is my new love and Ness, I intend to incorporate a lot more lampwork within these pieces in the future, my kiln has arrived - so intend to combine all these mediums together, stay tuned!

  10. Exchanging of ideas and also working with others creation ultimately makes your own imaginative skills better and fertile.This is a very god exchange I say.


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