Monday, October 1, 2012

Pay it Forward

I recently started following a fabulous blog - Antiquity Travelers  (click on the link to go to the blog) or (here is the link

Cynthia has a lot of fabulous ideas and gorgeous jewellery!  Pay it Forward is a wonderful concept that I have participated in previously either through the various groups I am a member of , through forums, etc.  The idea is when you receive an item - dependent on the method of the Pay it Forward, you send a surprise to someone else.

Today - Cynthia has organised a Pay it Forward blog hop (PIF).  She will be sending one of her gorgeous pieces to three fellow bloggers who comment on todays post with the idea that upon receipt of your surprise piece - run a PIF blog hop as well!  I have signed up to participate! This is going to be fun - check out her blog and the chance to particiapate!


  1. Yeah! happy to see you post this! and thanks for such kind words :)

  2. Your welcome ... I look forward to being able to share and commence my own. P.I.F.


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