Thursday, January 24, 2013

OTTBS Earring Challenge - Week 3: Ellad Fan Earrings

Although slightly behind in this challenge, I am enjoying perusing the many tutorials on offer by some wonderful designers.  This weeks designer is Ellad2.  She has an incredible arrangement of tutorials on offer and each one comes with detailed instructions and loads of photos so that if you are a visual learner like me you can easily follow the directions.

Following on from my experimentation with Preciosa Super Duos and the Twin Beads earrings from Weeks 1 and 2 - I decided to try Ellad2 fan earrings tutorial.  These were fun to make and I could see that I would have fun with this design in the future.  Here are my Bronze Fan Earrings.  


  1. Really beautiful! I love her work, and these are really stunning

  2. Thanks Cynthia - her tutorials are so easy and designs beautiful! Have bought a couple more to try!


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