Saturday, July 23, 2011

July Blog Carnival - Do you name your pieces

The topic of the month for the Starving Artists Blog Carnival is "do you name your pieces".  I have seen so many beautiful creations by jewellery artisians that have some stunning names ... sadly, mine are not that original although I do plan to change this.  I have written previously about some of the bead patterns I have created, in future these patterns will be allocated names.

I apply the creative process to my actual work, so this is going to extend to the pattern, piece or design I make.  No more of the "obvious", ie - when I created the pattern for this cuff ... I bet you can guess the name!

If you guessed water yep - that's how original I got!

So, here are a couple that are in the works - this one is a part of a series of patterns I have created called "watching you"

Another series I have created consists of geometric shapes - this one (at this stage) is called reflections.

Last but not least is my floral series.  This one is the botanical name for one of my favourite flowers - the Peony and is called Paeoniaceae

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  1. I love your patterns, they are awesome. You must be a super patient lady :)

  2. I'm gald to see someone else that comes up with original names like I do! I really like watching you! Your shading is wonderful in that piece!

  3. "watching you" is awesome, can't wait to see the rest of the series. I bet beading these gives you plenty of time to come up with the great names for the pieces!

  4. You are really hitting your stride with the bead looming. I can see growth and confidence with each piece you make and I think you've given them wonderful names!

    Naming is part of the creative process even if it's something we have just inside our heads.

    Oh, and that's the first time I've seen the youtube video of the wrist candy bracelet. Whomever won that was one lucky person - awesome bracelet!

  5. Thank you everyone - the patterns are fun to do. Yes Dawn, I love the flexibility and portability of looming and how I can take it anywhere with me. The design aspects are endless and I'm enjoying learning and exploring this medium.

  6. You do such beautiful work. I love the first one, but I thought 'blue sun' actually. That's what it looked like to me on first glance... your 'watching you' series is going to be fantastic. Great post!

  7. Caron, you create the most gorgeous patterns! I agree with Dawn, you have become a wonderful bead loom artist! I look forward seeing your new patterns and the finished pieces! Even your edging relates perfectly with the looming!

    So, when and where will you be selling your loom patterns? I would love to purchase the Peony!

  8. Way to go, Caron!
    Beautiful patterns count, then IF you come up with a good name, fine. If not, there will always be the piece.
    Think about artists calling their paintings "Monochromatic 1" or something like that! ;-)


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