Friday, February 3, 2012

Nan's Cuff

Diamonds maybe a girls best friend ...
but pearls are her soul!

I love pearls ... they are my favourite, the beautiful lustre entices every time.

Nanna My passed away over 10 years ago, after she died I was given a bag that contained some odd beads and pearls.  Most were cheap glass ones but some although dirty and unkempt, after a little bit of TLC shone as they should.

So what to do with these pearls, they have sat staring at me on my bead mat for quite a while, and then inspiration came to me to create a cuff as a tribute to her, so Nanna My - where ever you may be ... I hope you like.

Technique:  Erin Simonetti Warp Management
Design:  Caron Reid
Style:  Erin Simonetti Channel Cuff
Cuff Materials:  Nanna My's Pearls, Toho Sead Beads, Tila Beads
Fringe:  4mm and 5mm seed pearls


  1. It is absolutely beautiful, Caron.

  2. This is gorgeous! Your creative ideas and perfect techniques come together to create a masterpiece! I have always found it hard to keep a monochrome theme going, but you nailed it!!!!

  3. Thank you Erin - your tutelage and guidance has been the powerhouse to these designs. I love the challenge of monochromatic designs - stay tuned, I have a few more ideas!

  4. That is beautiful Caron. Timeless and elegant. What girl doesn't like to wear pearls?

  5. Love the blog Caron! You have a beautiful soul! Love your work

  6. the loveliest part of this is the connection to your Nanna. shows respect and love. I have some bits from my mum that I want to use to make something for myself and my two sisters. I have one strand of cheap glass beads that mum wore a lot, and 3 pearls, two smaller pearls from earrings and one from a ring. I'll probably make some type of suncatcher because my sisters are not necklace/bracelet type people.

    Your piece is inspiring. I love it.

    cheers Sheila


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