Saturday, February 11, 2012

Inspired by a bead ...

I have a friend who is an amazing lampwork artist  (Bead Up a Storm - Vanessa Hearn) ... she makes the most incredible pieces and I am lucky enough to own some of her work.  I came across one of these pieces the other week and it inspired a new design.

So what do you do with a bead, some leather and a loom ...

... this is what you do, you design a pattern and let your imagination go wild! The pattern has an almost snake skin quality - shimmery and shiny! I used Miyuki Delica's  11/o in all metallics except for the turquoise which is matte.

The width of the looming is 15 beads wide (1 inch)  ... add the leather and voila - a sensational leather cuff for all occasions!

The leather is just under 2 inches wide and bought from a recycling shop, it has a lovely texture and feels wonderful on.  (I really need to find those leather tools!)

So thank you my wonderful friend, I love your work!


  1. This is a gorgeous piece of work, Caron! I'm feeling so honoured that you chose to use this little bead as a part of your design.

    Thank you, my lovely friend! xx

  2. Beautiful pattern, love the colours and the leather element and on top of that the bead as a dangle, great :)

  3. Wow Caron just Wow. I think you have found your passion with the tiny beads. Your color choices and intricate quality of your work remind me of painting. You are finding inspiration everywhere.

  4. It's so gorgeous, Caron! Perfect for Ness' little beauty!!


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